Torrent2Exe 2.0

Torrent2exe software is a small BitTorrent client
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Torrent2Exe is useful for those who do not want to install standalone BitTorrent clients on their systems. It is very user-friendly and requires no previous experience of the BitTorrent protocol to use.
To start using the application, all you need to have is the .torrent file you wish to use or the URL to it. Go to the Torrent2Exe website, enter the URL and you are presented with the application to download. Run this application and your download will start. Once your download is completed, the application will start seeding automatically.
The developers have made it very simple to use. The UI resembles the Internet Explorer download window, so new users will have absolutely no problem finding their way around.
The way this application works also makes it easy to spread your torrent via blogs, email etc. Just download a copy of the embedded torrent and send it out. It's as simple as that.
The only problem with the application is that many anti-virus scanners detect it as a trojan or some other form of a virus. This is due to the packaging method used to embed the torrent within the application. This is nothing more than a "false-positive" and can be safely ignored.

Fabian Enos
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  • Standalone
  • Does not require any configuration
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks advanced features
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